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A Fisherman’s Son (Skipper’s Song)

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Title : A Fisherman's Son (Skipper's Song)
Release Date : July 2, 2022
Label : Roots Cellar Productions
Catalog ref. : RC-001
Format : Digital Download
On July 2, 2022, the 30th anniversary of the issuing of the cod moratorium, Jim Fidler is releasing his new single, ‘A Fisherman’s Son (Skipper’s Song). The song tells the story of a displaced Newfoundland family that had to leave home and go elsewhere to make a living and the return of the grownup young son to raise his family in Newfoundland, as he promised his father. The song was inspired by working with the Newfoundland group Hamilton Sound on a song called ‘The Whistle Don’t Blow (The Bell Island Miner’s Song). Jim spent much of his summer vacations from the School for the Blind in Halifax, NS, visiting and staying with friends on Bell Island during his teen years. While producing the song for the group, and thinking about the close down of the mines on Bell Island, Jim began reflecting on the broader issue of the cod moratorium and ‘A Fisherman’s Son’ was born.
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Fisherman's Son (Skipper's Son)