Huck’s New Wagon


Huck’s New Wagon is the first track of “Piece by Piece”, an instrumental album of 12 original compositions to be released at the end of each month throughout 2014; the final of which to be released on New Year’s eve 2014. This first track is a whimsical piano piece with one foot planted in the world of Mark Twain and the other in the world of Scott Joplin.


Huck’s New Wagon (2:04) – Jim Fidler (©2014 Jim Fidler)

Composed, arranged and performed by Jim Fidler.

Recorded, mixed and mastered, by Jim Fidler, at the Roots Cellar, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Illustration by Don Hynes

Graphic design and image realization by Lillian Fidler

Artistic concept by Jim Fidler

It seems that Huck has himself a new wagon.  Well, more rightly, a shiny new go cart.
She’s a real beauty! A piece of brilliant hucknology.

He built it, all by himself, in the back shed when he was sure that not a single, solitary soul was near by and
nobody would have even the slightest inkling of his magnificent project.

He came by most of the parts honestly, but honestly, not all of them.
In fact, it could be said that Huck’s new wagon is a living testament to the reality of reincarnation.
Of course, these various parts, to which I refer, most certainly performed very admirably in their previous advents,
earning their current distinction.

The engine is a marvel of technological ingenuity; running on a combination of raw, boy enthusiasm, gravity, and a
very special, top secret little addition that was imparted to him by an old gypsy lady who lives way up on the

Now, there is only one problem:
Now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, Huck will know no piece from the other kids.

“Hey Huck, how’s about a ride?”