Peace of Mind



Peace of Mind by Jim Fidler (©2023 Jim Fidler)

Composed, arranged and performed by Jim Fidler

All vocals and instrumentation by Jim Fidler,

except saxophone by Rory Hoffman,

Recorded, mixed and mastered, by Jim Fidler, at the Roots Cellar, St. John’s, Newfoundland.


There’s a light in the darkness, and it’s shining, yes it’s shining.
There’s a wave on the ocean, and it’s falling, yes it’s falling.
There’s a child with a question, and it’s knowing, yes it’s knowing.
There’s a seed in the desert, and it’s growing, yes it’s growing.

There’s a past in the present, and it’s teaching, yes it’s teaching.
There’s a hand in the future, and it’s reaching, yes it’s reaching.
There’s a spring in the summer, and it’s falling, yes it’s falling.
There’s a road seldom taken, and it’s calling, yes it’s calling.

All I ever really wanted was to have a little peace of mind;
But I never realised that there would come a day when I would find, that peace of mind, was buried beneath the sorrow.