RPM, Volume II, Ten Years Later (CD)


Transporting himself back to the 70’s, the decade in which he cut his teeth as a musician, Jim offers up RPM, Volume II, Ten Years Later; an “album” made in the true spirit of the time.


This is RPM, Volume II, Ten Years Later, Jim’s latest release! (price includes shipping)

Album review (Tony Ploughman, Fred’s Records)

Ten years is a long time between albums. “RPM Volume II/Ten Years Later”, follows up on a musical theme conceived by Jim Fidler, ripe with 1970’s rock influences.
Some are quite obvious; Supertramp, Beatles 68-69, E.L.O., Pink Floyd and Moody Blues. Jim is a brilliant musical-mind, his sure-fire committment ideologically, the fierce energy he brings to his concepts,potent through each and every album in a recording carreer now past thirty years.
If the 1970’s pop/rock sound is your vibe, this album will hit a homerun with your musical sensibilities.